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Best Places To Eat In Las Vegas

Okay, so everyone wants to know the Best places to eat in Las Vegas. Or maybe the 8,000 people who have emailed me about it are just screwing with me because they know I like drink specials WAY better…

… either way, this post is dedicated to just that, the BEST places to eat in Las Vegas… AND-! to the 8,000 people who like to screw with Vegas Pauly every month (God bless every one of you!)

Before we get started, I just wanted to mention that my idea of the best food in Las Vegas might not be the same as yours.

That’s just life, so you’ll have to get over it.

For instance, I’ll take a great hotdog over a crappy steak any day of the week (and I LOVE steak… and seafood… and BOOZE!).

Fortunately, I know exactly where to get a real nice T-Bone or Prime Rib for $9.99, instead of a great hotdog, so I have no worries about that. (Nor do I have any worries if I want a great hotdog instead.)

And just for the record, this list of the best places to eat are places I like when I’m not all loaded and just trying to keep the happy hour drink specials down. They are places I’d actually take my mom to for some good food. Kabish?

Okay, now that we have that straight, in all seriousness I highly recommend you try these places out.  It’s great food at cheap prices.  And 99% percent of the folks who took my advice on these joints sent me a “thank you” for the recommendation. But I don’t want you to just take my word for it… So check out the reviews below each joint!

I promise, you won’t be sorry.

Until next time (and always!)…

Stay Frosty my friend,


Vegas Pauly

PS – To answer another frequently asked question… “stay frosty” means stay cool – don’t be a dick. (Yes, Brian, I am specifically referring to YOU.)  Enjoy the post and don’t be like Brian :)



Best Places To Eat In Las Vegas

The Best Food in Las Vegas On the Strip, Just off the Strip and, of course, Downtown



Best food in las vegasTiffany’s Cafe $8 – $12 for Awesome Main Courses
On the strip at  1700 Las Vegas Blvd South.

This is a soda fountain/lunch counter that was Las Vegas’s FIRST 24-hour restaurant. How COOL is that?!! The place has been going strong for 60 freaking years and they serve your basic (fantastic!) comfort food with standard items such as meatloaf, ground round steak, chops, and stuff like that. Fluffy cream pies, and classic breakfasts are served anytime (God Bless America!). If you’re up for a huge burger and shake it’s about HALF of what you would pay for a comparable meal at the Hard Rock Cafe. Places like this are like a David Copperfield show – Vanishing!  Well worth it!!!

Click Here to see their menu
Click Here for reviews


Best Food in Las Vegas 2Pinks HotdogsEverything under $9 bucks! Out of this world good!
On the Strip at  3667 Las Vegas Blvd., (Outside Planet Hollywood)

Okay, so this is the place that made me say that I’d take a great hotdog over a crappy steak any day of the week!  Serving up their famous, out-of-this-world-good, hotdogs for over 71 years (WOW!), this place HAS to have a spot on the best places to eat in Las Vegas.

I won’t ramble… Just click here to check out their menu.
… and click here to check out the reviews.

Best Food in Vegas 2Rock & Rita’s $8-$17 Main Courses
On the Strip at 2880 Las Vegas Blvd

Down Home Cookin’ and backyard BBQ!  Okay, so their drinks come in souvenir cups that are shaped like toilet bowls. I personally think that stuff is funny and my dog Jameson loves it. The food, however, does not come in toilet bowl shaped anything.  You will get HUGE portions of high-calorie American delights (the perfect fuel for a night out!). They have breakfast, lunch, full dinners, and late-night bites, so no matter the time of day you can find something to stuff your guts. The music, TVs, frequent live entertainment, flair bartenders, and general merriment make for good times and food coma at its’ finest.. all on the cheap.

Click Here to check out the menu
Click Here for reviews



Best Food in Las Vegas 3Earl of Sandwich – Everything is under $7 bucks. And they mean it when they say “The World’s Greatest Hot Sandwich”
On the Strip at 3667 Las Vegas Boulevard South & Off Strip at 4321 West Flamingo Rd

The sandwiches here are fantasticaly delicious (and cheap!). Served on warm bread and smothered in over the top goodness of every kind, this is a MUST stop to eat place in Las Vegas. They have two locations – one on the strip and one just off the strip.

Check out the menu here
Check out the reviews here


Best Food in Las Vegas 4Bougainvillea Cafe, Terrible’s Hotel Casino – $9.99 For OUTSTANDING Food!
Just Off The Strip at 4100 Paradise Rd

Just take a look at some of the mouth watering delights that await you:

Full Rack Baby Back Ribs $9.99: Richly seasoned, basted with a kick ass Bourbon barbecue sauce and cooked to mouth-watering perfection. Served with choice of potato.

Choice Top Sirloin Steak 9.99: Served with baked potato and steamed vegetables.

Prime Rib 9.99: Served with baked potato and steamed vegetables

New York Strip Steak 9.99: Served with baked potato and steamed vegetables. (Add shrimp $15.99)

T-Bone Steak 9.99: Served with baked potato and steamed vegetables.

Are You Kidding me with that??? WOW Good… and you can’t beat the prices!  But that’s not all… check this out:

Nightly dinner buffets, from 4pm to 9pm & Champagne brunch, from 7am to 3pm only $8.99!

Endless Taco Tuesdays for just $9.99: Two hard or soft shell tacos, rice, beans and a margarita. Choice of chicken or ground beef.
Served on Tuesdays from 4pm to 10pm at The Café

Endless Pasta Sunday $5.99: All-you-can-eat spaghetti in a zesty marinara sauce with home-style meatballs, served with garlic bread.

Go wild for breakfast $2.99: 2 eggs, 2 pancakes and 2 pieces of bacon

Graveyard specials 11pm to 7am Only $4.99: Includes top sirloin, pork chop, chicken friend steak, half-a-roast chicken, spaghetti and meatballs

This place ALONE has to be one of the best places to eat in Las Vegas!!! It’s a MUST see.

Click here for the menu
Click here for the reviews


Best Food in Las Vegas 5Carnival World Buffet at Rio $17.99 Breakfast, $19.99 Lunch, $27.99 Dinner and $27.99 Saturday & Sunday Champagne Brunch
Just Off The Strip at 3700 West Flamingo Road

Look… This place has been voted #1 by Vegas Locals forever and a day (and for good reason).  They’ve raised prices a few bucks from our last post and it’s not as cheap as Terrible’s, but holy cow the food at this place ROCKS!

Click here to check it out
Click here for the reviews


Fremont Paradise Buffet $6.99 Breakfast, $7.99 Lunch, $13.99 Dinner and  $11.99 Saturday and Sunday Champagne Brunch
Downtown at 200 Fremont Street

Unlike many buffets, Paradise has special days set aside for different foods for the Dinner buffet.  For example, Prime Rib Nights are Sunday, Monday and Thursday, Steak Nights are Wednesday and Saturday and their Seafood Fantasy nights are Tuesday and Friday.  The cost for Seafood nights is $19.99 instead of $13.99… but hey… $20 bucks for all you can eat seafood is still AWESOME!

To some, having a different nights for different food might be a bit of a pain in the butt, however, I think it’s pretty cool.  Especially considering that you still have the other 8 stations to pick and choose from

No matter what night you decide to go,  you’ll find food that is warm, satisfying and plain ol’ good… just like its should be.

Even Better, I’ve hooked you up with 2 for 1 Buffet Coupons to both the Paradise Buffet and the Main Street Station Garden Court Buffet (see below for description).  Just go to our Las Vegas Coupons 2012 page and scroll down to luck #7.  Click Here to grab the coupons now.

Click Here for their website
Click Here to see the reviews



Best Food in Las Vegas 7Main Street Station Garden Court Buffet $6.99 Breakfast, $7.99 Lunch, $10.99 to $21.99 Dinner and $10.99 champagne brunch Saturday and Sunday
Downtown at 200 North Main Street

When you visit their site, the first thing you’ll notice is that they were voted the #1 Downtown Buffet.  I’m here to tell you that it is one of the best in Las Vegas, not just Downtown.  It features nine stations including wood-fired, brick-oven pizza, Mexican station, barbecue rotisserie, fresh sausage,Chinese, Hawaiian, and Southern specialties and TON more.

Much like the Paradise Buffet, they feature different specialties on different nights of the week.

Click Here for more information at their website
Click Here to see the reviews

So Those are our picks for the Best Places to eat in Las Vegas.  The best food at great prices.

If nothing in our personal favorites list tickled your hunger bone… or if you just want to check out some more places that were voted the best for 2012, then you’ll want to check out the Las Vegas Reiveiw Journals’ “Best of Las Vegas” results.

Each year in January they do a reader poll and then publish the results at the end of March.  This year’s poll included the following categories:

Bar Food
Best Place for a Power Lunch
Best Restaurant With a View
Chinese Resturant
Coffee / Cappuccino
Diner / Coffee Shop
Family Restaurant
Food Truck
Gourmet Restaurant
Hot Dogs
Ice Cream
Indian Restaurant
Italian Restaurant

Japanese Restaurant
Korean Restaurant
Meal For Less Than $10
Mexican Restaurant
Middle Eastern Restaurant
New (2011) Restaurant
Other Ethnic Restaurant
Place For A Power Lunch
Place For Breakfast
Restaurant With A View
Seafood Restaurant
Soul Food Restaurant
Sub Sandwich
Thai Restaurant

To see the results on any of the above categories just click here.

We sincerely hoped you enjoyed our Best Places to Eat in Las Vegas post.  We’ll be back in just a few days with our regularly scheduled November food and restaurant deals, drink specials and happy hours, show deals, hotel deals and more.